Federal Bureau of Inconsequence

Over 4 Billion Records Search

Back in December of 2017 a huge 41GB dump of collected and merged data breaches was released into the wild. This dump contained 1.4 Billion email/password pairs in the format of email:password and is rumoured to contain both the anti-public and exploit.in collections combined with a further few hundred thousand records from various sources.

10/04/2019 Update: Collections #1 to #3 now been loaded in. We have now hit a total of 4,086,309,607 records.

If you would like to purchase Collection #1 (size: 36.6GB) then Click Here

Here you can search by email address. Unfortunately due to GDPR passwords are only revealed partially.

If you wish to purchase access to the API which has allows for viewing of email and plainttext passwords you may do so at the bottom of the page.

Once we receive notification of the payment we will be in touch. If you want to discuss further please email us at [email protected]

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