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About F.B.I

What is F.B.I ?

F.B.I stands for Federal Bureau of Inconsequence so in other words we couldn't give a damn about inconsequential crap!

What is the purpose of this site ?

This site used to be a point of access for downloading lots of known and unknown data breaches. These data breaches were leaked databases from hacked websites. Now it's used for a a variety of things like providing a useful API that allows for searching through certain credential stuffing lists and more.

Who is responsible for this site now ?

That information is classified I'm afraid but it is of no consequence anyways so why do you need to know? LOL!

What is that Flixify purchase thing ?

Flixify is an awesome streaming site (better than Netflix) that allows for members to stream their favourite movies and TV shows. It is also the sister site to the ever so popular Flixify. Unfortunately since invites were suspended the only way to get an account is to purchase one. Currently we have 6 accounts left at this time.

How can you be contacted ?

Check out the 'Contact' option on the side bar menu for that information!



The API is a point of access for anyone wanting to integrate a search into their website.

How does it work ?

It works in a very simple way and very similar to other APIs. We provide you with the API end point and you can use it to search through a number of credential collections.

Is there an example ?

Yes indeed there is. The following is an example of how it works:

https://api.fbi.ninja/v1/{API-KEY}/breachedemail/[email protected]

Response (JSON):

[ { "email":"[email protected]","password":"password1234" } ]

How can I get access to it ?

In order to access the API you need an API key which needs to be purchased. Please contact us to order yours.

Data Breaches

Data Breaches

We have a number of data breaches for purchase which are extremely difficult if not near impossible to get hold of on the normal web.

How many breaches are available ?

Currently we have 4 data breaches available for purchase

Which data breaches are available ?

The following are available for purchase:

  • 1. * NEWEST * - A Chtrbox Instagram Contact Info DB leaked as of 20/05/2019 - Millions of records Purchase This DB
  • 2. Collections #1 to #3
  • 3. Pemiblanc
  • 4. Exploit.In - Credential List (email:password pairs)

How can we get hold of one of these breaches ?

As with the API, you need to purchse a data breach from us. In order to do this you must use our Selly shop.

Contact Us

Contact Us

You can contact us at our email address: [email protected]